Abhilasha Pandey


Currently based in Vadodara, Gujarat; Abhilasha Pandey has her BVA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University. Inspired by Nature’s curves, a reflection of life gets manifested in patched black, layered colours and in the marks of a writer’s weapon. The set of Pen & Ink drawings can be read as the result of certain visual stimuli from nature’s elements.The collocation between the aura of calmness of sublime Nature and the spontaneous depiction of restlessness are expressed throughout her works.


Title: Nature's Carpet

Size: 78x96 Inches

Medium: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Year: 2015

Title: Untitled

Size: 52x42 Inches (Including frame)

Medium: Pen,Ink,Watercolor on paper

Year: 2017

Title: Grid of 12 Drawing(Untitled)

Size: 13x16 Inches approx.(Including frame)

Medium: Pen,Ink,Watercolor on Paper

Year: 2017