Jayesh Kumar Sharma received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2012) from Varanasi. His earlier interests in painting soon began to shift to the medium of photography, documentation, archiving, etc. Growing up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, his early life kept him away from the 'modern' world so to say. The move to Banaras and then Mumbai made him see the world anew. He became aware of the myriad social struggles and sweeping changes that were occurring across the country, sensitizing him to the many traditions, rituals, local sports, crafts, that were being lost forever. He determined to capture these “losses” though his camera and has since worked on projects which are impacted by this onrush of change.

He saw that Kushti, an ancient form of sport was not just a sport but a whole way of life, integrating into its almost monastic lifestyle, ritual, society, ways of living, acknowledgement of one's past, and mostly a connection with the earth (the soil) on which it was practiced. His photographs, shot over 6 years, use this fast disappearing sport as a metaphor of all that is being lost - man's disconnection with the earth, which was once valued and worshipped and which sustained us all.

Jayesh’s works have been exhibited in Mumbai, Venice, Milan, Madrid amongst other places. His ‘Kushti - The Lost Children of Postmodernism’ series has been covered in many magazines and articles, both in India and abroad.


2018    Gold Medal Award, Eye Win International Photography, Delhi, India
2017    Next Generation Award, Nikon International Photography, Tokyo, Japan


2023    Group Exhibition “Bright” at Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid
2023    International Contemporary Art Fair, Luxemburg,
2023    MIA Photo Fair, Milan, Italy
2023    Finalist in Digital Photography, Arte Laguna Venice 2023
2022    Indian Photo Festival Portrait Prize, Exhibition at the Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand
2021    Finalist Portrait Award, Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad, India
2016    The Exposure Award Exhibition, SeeMe Photography Community, Louvre Museum Photo Gallery, France
2016    Solo Show, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India


Title: Kushti 15, 2019

Size: 109.22 x163.83 (43”L x 64.5”H)

Title: Kushti 45, 2023

Size: 333.8 x50.8 (13.3”L x 20”H)

Title: Kushti 39, 2022

Size: 33.8 x50.8 (13.3”L x 20”H)

Title: Kushti 40, 2022

Size: 84.67 x 127cms (33.33”L x 50”H)