THOMAS HENRIOT is a French Artist born in France in 1980. He has studied in Ecole des Beaux Arts de Besançon and presently lives and works between Rio de Janeiro, Havana and Paris. His drawings are Ink on Japanese rice paper scrolls 45 centimetres wide and sometimes up to 25 metres long which he unwinds as the progression of the drawings goes along, composing in a near-spontaneous way. Thomas uses his art as a link and a language to create contact with unknown spectators who witnesses the elaboration of his works. He juxtaposes in figurative motif, landscapes, architectures, characters, the rubbing of real elements which are at his disposal around him. The liveliness, its continuity, the magnitude of the movement give an originality to all these travel documentaries, album of memories but also a successful realization of a choreographed performance in the urban place. Since his graduation in 2003, Thomas Henriot continues to travel around the world working in urban spaces as his work process literally involves his body physically working in the spaces he depicts. The exhibition at Nine Fish Gallery, offers a series of drawings from his residency in Mumbai, Havana, Tokyo & Mauritius in 2015. The artist proposes to articulate around the heart of the exhibition, his work done during the various residencies, several series of drawings that echo his works done in India aswel as other works produced and exhibited in New York, Miami,Athens, Paris among others.