Brajmohan Arya


The history of art in our times can be viewed as a pendulum swinging between the urge to copy and the urge to invent - both being valid traditions. It is obvious that we are now far removed from the former, with our following the Enlightenment moment of European history. Instead of relating to external facts, visible for all to see, artists today prefer to retreat inwards and conduct a specialized dialogue within limited circles of their own, commenting not on their attitudes to reality, but on their relation to art itself. Hence the somewhat reclusive nature of present day works, which err by chasing the swing of the pendulum with zeal – total abstraction. So the painter reconciles the dual attractions of art and reality with skill. He or she cannot therefore be accused of replacing the poetry of invention with the prose of fact. In this way the work is a bridge between worlds. But every mind and every culture has a more or less tendency in these directions. Arya so far as one can see, works his way from an idea downwards, proceeds deductively, starting from some ideal conceptions, and seeking in realities visible illustrations of time-tested existences. Well, this is one way of approaching his work.


Title: Introspection

Size:48 X 72 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Journey of soul

Size:72 X 72 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Pleasure

Size:24 X 24 inches

Medium:Acrylic on canvas