Gourmoni Das

Gourmoni Das grew up in the rich cultural heritage of Tripura. After soaking in all the beauty and diversity of the Northeast, he embarked on a journey to Mumbai and joined Sir JJ School of Art in 2012. His four intense years there extended much beyond the classroom, and today he is managing, curating and reviving art in multifarious ways.

Gourmoni staunchly believes that art should serve both purposes of aesthetics and politics. But most importantly he wishes to tone down the complexity of the art world -- make it less intimidating and more approachable. Curating and managing Nine Fish Art Gallery since 2018 is a step in that direction. Gourmoniseeks to identify the missing links between artists and their audiences and change the ways art is consumed. A peek into his own paintings throws light on his politically and socially charged mind. The seeds of which had been sown in him in his early days. He is a thinker and a doer. Nurturing local artists from around the country and sustaining old crafts, are his ultimate goals.

Passionate and self-motivated, Gourmoni understands that stretching limits and gathering new perspectives is the way ahead. An affable persona and the aptitude to understand different psyches come very naturally to him. Fostering a new wave of talent as well as working with revered artists, he wants to make this an aesthetic/market space known for its synergistic philosophies.