Abhijit Salunkhe



Deepak Namsale

Kinnari Tondlekar

Shardul Kadam

Art35 - 4th Edition

Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! Their paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos and performances are presented by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai. That's the prime focus of Art35.

16,17,18,19 Jan. 2020


Ninefish Art Gallery invites you to an evening of stories. Join Dastango Fazal and India's first woman Dastango, Fouzia, perform a story by Ismat Chugtai 'Nanni ki Naani' and 'Chahcha Chhakkan Ne Tasveer Taangi' (adapted from a humorous sketch by Imtiaz Ali Taj).

INR 300

6:30 P.M.March 18